Dental Implants in plain English

We take serious procedures seriously.
That’s why we talk through every aspect
of your surgery in a user-friendly way.
So you’re as prepared as we are.
No surprises, just great looking teeth.

Dental Implants Edinburgh

Expert Advice on Dental Implants in Edinburgh

dental implants edinburgh

We have been involved in implant dentistry in Edinburgh for a decade and have been placing implants for over 5 years. We embrace the latest methods and materials to ensure the best results. But perhaps more importantly, we explain the procedure in plain English.

dental practice implants Edinburgh

Making complex issues easy to understand. We recognise each patient and each implant is different. That’s why we go to great lengths to talk through every aspect of your surgery before any treatment is started. And we keep the dialogue going throughout the whole implant journey.


Great Feedback


“Andrew was very open and honest in discussing what it was I wanted from the implants, how he could best achieve my goals and what to expect throughout the procedure.”

Neil Nelson

“I felt comfortable with Andrew and confident in my choice.”

Mrs Brown

“I can’t recommend the practice, the team and the service highly

James Shaw

Neil Nelson Age 32, Ratho, Edinburgh

Prior to visiting Hope Park Dental I had wanted dental implants for 12 years. I had researched what the application of implants would entail and had been skeptical of their success and value. However, after I was recommended to Hope Park Dental by a friend I was put in contact with Andrew and from the first visit we openly discussed the options available to me. Andrew was very open and honest in discussing what it was I wanted from the implants, how he could best achieve my goals and what to expect throughout the procedure. He took time to answer my queries about more complex aspects of the treatments in a way I could understand. With his positive, friendly and professional attitude Andrew made me feel instantly at ease about the whole process of receiving dental implants.

Having now received my implants I couldn’t be happier with the end result. From start to finish the service and standard of work from Andrew, and all the staff at Hope Park Dental, has been impeccable.

Mrs Butler Age 78, Craigentinny, Edinburgh

I was initially quite apprehensive about having dental implants. I had heard both good and bad things about the procedure from friends. But after speaking to Andrew my fears were put to rest. He took his time to go through my treatment plan before I committed. And was a good listener, answering my questions and allaying my concerns. I felt comfortable with Andrew and confident in my choice. I could not be happier with the end result.

James Shaw Age 23, New Town, Edinburgh

I’m a relatively new patient at Hope Park, having had several dentists in and around the Lothians. From the moment I made my enquiry and registered I felt at home. All the staff are friendly, helpful and informative. Perhaps these are little things, but to me, they make a huge difference. And the level of care I’ve received to date, has been well explained and well executed. I can’t recommend the practice, the team and the service highly enough.

Marion Baldelli Age 60, Pesaro, Italy

Andrew explained my surgery in language I could easily understand and in a manner that filled me with confidence. No surgery is without risks but Andrew’s confidence in his abilities helped to build mine. After having the implants I wonder why I hadn’t done it years ago.

It’s made a big difference to my life, but it’s the little things, like
smiling confidently, that I relish most. I cannot recommend Andrew and his team highly enough, the service was second to none and the end result is first class. If you’re thinking of dental implants definitely speak to Andrew.